The Safety Net

The SAFETY NET is what we think makes Property Flex a truly standout project from others that we can see in the space. Due to the mixture of real-world assets and crypto assets, we think we can offer something truly incredible.

Once Property Flex has purchased a property or development, then we own real world assets with real world value. If the crypto market has a major crash, incredible volatility or there is a technological exploitation of the blockchain infrastructure then the SAFETY NET will be used.

The SAFETY NET is where we will sell the property or the development due to it having real world value. The funds will then be converted into stable coins and the proceeds will be distributed to NFT holders.

This is something that nobody else is offering, in the world of crypto, if something like the above happens, then we as crypto investors can assume that our funds have disappeared forever. Owning a Property Flex NFT means that even if the crypto market crashes, the holders will still get a percentage of their investment back.

If the investor has already received more than their initial investment back due to the tokenomics, it just means that this is a truly revolutionary offering, which will put investors (both optimistic and cautious) at ease knowing that if the worst does happen, they are not going to just lose everything.

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