Investment Type 1 (Develop)

A Development project is best described as one of the following:

  1. A large renovation of a residential property

  2. Building a single or multiple unit residential property from a plot of land

  3. A conversion from commercial property (office buildings) to residential property (apartments)

  4. Acquiring a plot of land with the sole aim of increasing the value of the land by gaining planning permission and then selling it to a developer

Once a development project has been identified, funds from within the project wallet will be converted into stable coins and withdrawn from the multisig wallet to pay for the real world purchase and associated costs.

All funds not utilized will be retained in the Project Wallet earning VULCAN fixed, flex and powerpool rewards and will continue to be paid in the blockchains native $VUL coin to NFT holders as part of our smart contract. This increases profitability for investors and gives a return within weeks.

The investment project will then be initiated and documented throughout the time it takes to bring the project through to completion. Frequent updates will be provided by the team and contractors within our NFT holders discord channel.

Once complete, the profit from the project will be sent back to the Project Wallet and divided into agreed percentages that can be found in more detail later in the document.

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