Investment Type 2 (Income)

An Income investment is best described as one of the following:

  1. A residential unit that is already occupied and receiving rental income.

  2. A commercial property that has a commercial tenant on a fixed long lease.

  3. A Portfolio of properties (can be a mix) that can be purchased and immediately generate income.

Ideally, we will want to purchase a property (commercial or residential) that is already generating income or has the potential to quickly generate income is identified. The funds will be converted into stable coins and withdrawn from the multisig wallet to purchase the building or buildings.

All funds not required to complete the purchase will be retained within the Project Wallet on the VULCAN blockchain and will earn the associated rewards that will be paid out as part of the smart contract.

Income from the property will be converted back into $VUL and disseminated to NFT holders to be held in their individual wallets.

The team will then raise real world institutional finance against the property i.e. mortgages, resulting in the majority of deployed funds being sent back to the project wallet and giving the NFT holder more rewards until the funds are redeployed into another purchase, again increasing income and rewards for the NFT holder.

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