NFT Overview

The Property Flex NFT collection will be used to provide funds to project wallets.

There will be two investment types (“Develop” + “Income”).

The two different investment types are designed to cater to our different types of investors and their preference for income generated by the project. Investors will have the choice of receiving larger profit payments on the completion of a property development, or a consistent lower payment from income from purchased property rents.

Project Wallets will reside on the VULCAN blockchain and receive the same benefits with regards to the rebasing mechanism and the “flex” rewards that are integral to the way the VULCAN blockchain operates.

The rebases that are earned from the fixed and flex rewards can be distributed to NFT holders on a regular basis.

“Fixed” rewards are due to the mechanics of the revolutionary rebasing blockchain mechanics, and will provide a return of 44% APR on funds held in $VUL

“Flex” rewards are a daily payment claimed from the Vulcan Blockchain. The reward amount is calculated as a percentage from how much transactional activity and volume has taken place on the blockchain. This is variable and will change on a daily basis.

“Powerpool” rewards are unclaimed “Flex” rewards at the blockchain level and are divided amongst eligible wallets once a month. This is a bonus and will be claimed by the eligible wallets, the amount of rewards will be variable and dependant on multiple blockchain level factors.

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