NFT Contract

The minting of NFTs (ERC-1155) will remain open for both “Develop” and “Income” strategies until a project has been identified and the purchase is ready to be made.

Once the purchase is about to complete, the minting of new NFTs will be paused in order to lock in the NFTs that are eligible for-profit distribution associated with that project.

Once those NFTs are confirmed as the only ones that will receive project related rewards, the minting will then reopen.

The more funds within the wallet i.e., NFTs that are purchased, the higher the ‘fixed’, ‘flex’ and ‘PowerPool’ rewards will be for ALL NFT holders .

NFTs will be available for $100 each, or the equivalent dollar value in the native $VUL coin.

100 NFTs will be reserved for the development team and potentially to competition winners or giveaways in the future.

Contract Address: TBC

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